Moon Mist Lobster Candle

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Burning Flame x Maritime Grime Collaboration

Nova Scotia's iconic and exclusive Moon Mist ice cream flavour can now be found in a candle, which blends the flavors of grape, banana, and bubblegum for a unique intergalactic swirl. Indulge in a bit of nostalgia before it's gone.

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Miller


Corey White
Amazing candle

The moon mist lobster candle smells so good, everyone in our house loves it!! The customer service here is great as well!

Smells Amazing πŸ’œ πŸ’› 🩡

I'm so glad I bought the Moon Mist scented candle! I lived in NS my entire life but moved across Canada a couple of years ago. It brings back memories of my favorite ice-cream and smells amazing!

Jenn Brayton
A mouth water candle

When I found Moon Mist candles were available, I knew I had to place an order ASAP! My favourite ice cream in candle format was a must for my home in Ontario and I bought 2. And I am incredibly pleased as they truly do smell like Moon Mist, without being overpowering and dominating the whole room. My mouth waters every time I walk by when my candles are lit, and they are burning beautifully. No tunnelling or uneven wax burning, and the flame burns with no smoke. It makes me smile and I cannot wait until I head home to NS this summer and buy myself a scoop of actual Moon Mist ice cream!